Velvet Noir Beard Care

An idea formulated in the Summer of 2014.

At the time, Roderick had a pretty lengthy beard but I'd never taken care of it. Use products?! Yea right. Well, long story short, that manly man met an incredible skincare guru that showed him some things. He began researching products specifically made for beards. The results (and prices!) were all over the place. 

He had a really coarse, curly beard at the time & it was hard to find a product that yielded long term results. Especially for the black man beard. Roderick's hairs were still wild, super curly, and split ends galore. That's when this journey began.

Roderick Foster, CEO/Founder of Velvet Noir aims to bring high quality products with the matching customer service to all customers. Velvet Noir Beard Care products are 100% natural and we want our customers to truly love their beards and enjoy taking care of them.