Camille Rose

As a beauty entrepreneurial expert and CEO/founder of Camille Rose, Janell Stephens has been at the forefront of the radical shift in the billion dollar beauty industry, and has been an iconic trendsetter within this space from the start of the movement. At a time when the natural hair industry was just beginning to create an identity for itself, Janell was in her kitchen brewing her popular concoctions with food grade ingredients and gourmet blends that became the benchmark of the Camille Rose brand.

And to think that it all began in a small kitchen in 2011, 8 years ago. When Janell initially planted the seeds of what would eventually grow into the Camille Rose brand, her needs were simple. A dedicated vegan, the Louisiana native and mompreneur created each handmade product under the mantra that whatever you put on your body should be good enough to put in it. This standard was unlike the mission of many of the popular beauty products on the market at the time with harsh chemicals and unpronounceable substances being the industry standard. As Janell conducted research into these substances that were the norm in the products on the shelves of her favorite retailers, it became evident that a premium method of producing beauty products was a dire need that wasn’t being met. It was then that she expanded her initial objective of simply developing products for her family, and soon began the process of creating the Camille Rose brand that we know and love today.

Each homemade creation held true to the Camille Rose company mission to produce a line of high end, gourmet, ingredient inspired hair and body products that offer clean living beauty solutions to a sophisticated consumer base. Janelle knew she was on to something after making her products available for sale on the Camille Rose website and saw an explosion amongst her target demographic. Soon after, she created and released additional products including Moisture Milk, conditioner and the most popular product to date, the Almond Jai Twisting Butter.