Aaron Wallace Hair & Beard Oil

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Our high performance Hair & Beard oil is designed to mimic your bodies natural sebum oil. Use on both the hair and beard. Fragranced with an intense harmony of amber, vanilla, baies rose and spices. 

A natural blend of the finest oils including Mango, Black Seed Oil, Black Castor Oil and Coconut Oil revitalizes dry and brittle hair whilst stimulating your beard for improved growth with our caffeine extract. The best beard oil for Curly and Afro hair types our luxury oil is perfect on its own or as a finishing oil to our 3 step healthy hair system, sealing in moisture for longer, smoothing hairs and adding shine. 

HIGH PERFORMANCE OIL: Optimized for look, feel, smell and measurable effectiveness. Can be used in the hair and beard. Non greasy, fast absorption. 

ALL NATURAL PREMIUM OILS: No mineral oil, chemicals or synthetic fillers FULLER 

GROWTH: Caffeine, Black Castor Oil & Black Seed Oil encourage stronger, fuller hair growth. 

STRONGER, SOFTER HAIR: Smooths hair cuticle for healthier shine, softens beard for noticeably softer touch. 

THE FINISHING TOUCH: Works better as part of a healthy grooming routine Get even better results by combining with our 3-step healthy hair system.

Why Mango Butter?

When learning about the key issues facing those with curly and coily hair types we identified that due to the prominent coils in our hair, breakage and moisture retention are among the biggest issues we face. With a lack of moisture leading to a number of issues including poor growth, patchiness, scalp issues and breakage we understood that although it is important to hydrate the hair, keeping that moisture in is just as important! Many products on the shelves do not contain enough of the nutrients needed to effectively penetrate and nourish Afro hair types, many actually do more harm than good by in fact stripping the hair of what it needs for healthy growth. The outer layer of your hair is known as the cuticle, this is made of overlapping cells that strengthen and protect the hair shaft. In Afro hair this cuticle is naturally raised and does not lay flat, as a result it loses moisture at a much faster rate and tangles far easier, as shingles lock into each other. In an effort to address this, we discovered the amazing benefits of Mango Butter. Mango Butter is packed with fatty acids and vitamins, it is a moisture rich food for your hair which protects the cuticle from damage and is especially advantageous in moisture retention.