Top 5 Products to Keep Your Edges and Scalp Happy This Summer

So you have your protective style all picked out and your appointment is next week. Your looking forward to killin' it all summer and then the bubble burst. You remember how much hair you lost your last go around with a protective style. Protective styles are one of the most beneficial ways to increase hair length, if done correctly. They allow your hair an opportunity to have low manipulation and a much needed break whether your hair is all natural or relaxed. So what is the missing step? Products! Here is a list of our top 5 must have products to protect your hair while in braids, faux locs, or twist this summer.  

1. Ecoslay Rice Pudding Leave-In Conditioner and Moisturizer

ecoslay rice pudding leave in treatment and moisturizer

One of the first steps you should take just before installing any protective style is adding a leave in treatment. This acts not only as a barrier between your hair and any added hair, but it also acts as a slow release moisturizer until your first wash. Ecoslay Rice Pudding Leave-In Conditioner and Moisturizer is a heavy hitter with scalp soothing, protein and vitamin packed ingredients that also effectively moisture your natural hair.  Marshmallow Root extract, Fermented Rice Water, and Chamomile flower extract, to name a few, top the list to deliver the 1, 2 punch for the win! 


2. Soultanicals Shea-yurvedic Butta Shampoo


This super hydrating shampoo is the ultimate conditioning shampoo. Even though it has the consistency of a deep conditioner, don't be fooled; this is certainly a cleanser that gets the job done! With Shea Butter and Aloe Juice on the ingredient list, you can be sure you've found the perfect way to combat the drying effects of your protective style. 


3. Curls Dynasty Pumpkin Mint Deep Treatment Masque

If you have ever worn braids, faux locs, or twist before, you know the name of the game is PEPERMINT! Who would have thought you could prevent an itchy scalp and moisture with a deep conditioner all while making your hair smell phenomenally good. Blood Orange, Fig Fruit, and Peppermint Leaf Extract tantalizes 4 out of 5 senses with every uses.  Yes Curls Dynasty Pumpkin Mint Deep Treatment Masque is all natural but its not edible people! Gasp...


4. Curls Blueberry & Mint Tea Scalp Treatment

Curls Blueberry & Mint Tea Scalp Treatment

Keep the dreaded head patting at bay with this Curls Blueberry & Mint Tea Scalp Treatment! Right after your shampoo and conditioner routine add these drops for a euphoric scalp soothing sensation without the uncomfortable burnFormulated with certified organic blueberry seed oil, corn mint and coconut oil proven to enhance hair growth and relieve itching, those hands can remain in those chic pockets while you slay itch free all day.   


5. The Green Collection Avocado Hair Mousse

The Green Collection Avocado Hair Mousse

Now that you have cleaned, treated, and replenished the moisture levels in your scalp, it's time to put that new growth in its place. Where? Back there! Grab this silky, velvety, cloud they call a mousse for an unforgettable experience. The Green Collection Avocado Hair Mousse has a light hold without the stiff sticky aftermath. Vitamin packed Avocado is beneficial for its high fatty acid content, hair growth, and natural detangling properties. Did someone say "Length Check!"


The WH Wrap Up

Your hair is in a protective style, but you still need to have the right products in order to achieve ultimate success. Whether you choose braids, butterfly locs or anything else in between, remember, your hair is in between. Bonus tip: Mix 3/4 water, 1/4 Ecoslay Rice Pudding Leave-In Conditioner and Moisturizer, and a few drops of Curls Blueberry & Mint Tea Scalp Treatment in a water bottle and shake. Spray on as a daily treatment. 

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